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Run your campaign easily on tufund from wherever.

Talk to your donors simply on mobile thru whatsapp, sms ,email , blogs or on all socials thru interactive updates with information showing progress of your campaign. Reach millions on the socials easily and maximize chances of getting more funding from your friends, family and acquitances with different networks.

What We Do

It's Simple

Step 1

Setting up a fundraiser at tufund is fast and easy, For Social Fundraising all you need is Sign up with your basic information, a brief story on your fundraising supported with documents and purpose for your fundraiser and you are good to go. We will help you from there to get your numbers and reach your targeted network. We will also keep you updated with realtime notifications of the status of your fundraiser.

Step 2

Reaching as many people to fundraise for you is key. We will help you Import Your Contacts And Customize messageTemplates to reach all your contacts and networks with all messages having a secure process of payment processes thru mobile or web for your fundraiser. Tufund has no maximum or minimum amount to raise. All funds are acceptable and accessible with no delays thru bank transfer,Mpesa or Cheque Deposits to specified accounts by fundraisers.

What does it Cost me to Use Tufund?

Its free to create and share a fundraiser campaign on all platforms, Tufund will help manage your campaign effectively to ensure you reach your fundraiser goals at 4.5% fee from each donation plus any other applicable service charge from third party platforms like Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. However we give discounts to large campaigns made thru tufund

How Do I Get my Money after the Fundaiser?

Once your fundraising campaign begins receiving online donations, you can access your monies realtime and the funds transfered to the provided bank or account details by the fundrasier. You can also process payouts in a scheduled manner which may be daily, weekly or monthly .Please note that withdrawals do not affect your fundraising goals.