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Lolani Kalu Fundraiser

Lolani Kalu Needs your Support. The former ‘Malimwengu’ show, NTV reporter is seeking Kenyans assistance to set up a Production House that will help build Talent in Drama clubs in schools Countrywide. The funds required will be used to buy Equipment's and necessities which once set up will enable him to support many youths, his Family and his Elderly Mother: “I believe I would be able to comfortably look after my family and foot my bills from the proceeds of content sales.”. <br/><br/> Lolani, 55,narrated that misfortunes, family commitments, failed business among other reasons ate into his life savings and he now lives in Kaloleni, Kilifi with his 90-year-old mother, whom he was struggling to support. He has been banking on irregular teaching contracts to make a living thru coaching Students and Pupils in Kilifi County to be able to feed his Family. Lets Help Lolani shape many Youths Future.

KSH 650 raised of KSH 10000000