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Ivaner Asumwa Surgery

Ivaner Asumwa two(2) months old has been diagnosed with hydrocephalic which she needs to undergo for a surgery. She was admitted at Bomet in Tenwek Hospital and she went through three minor surgery. Later she was discharged for her wounds to heals first and also the weight to increase for the final surgery to be done.

KSH 2730 raised of KSH 300000



Conjestina Achieng needs little if any introduction to Kenyans as she brought pride to us in all the medals she won as a professional boxer. A decade ago, as many of you might have heard she began her journey in battling psychological disorders that led her into drug abuse. Since then she has been receiving treatment on and off but she has continued to relapse. In conjunction with her Mum and son; and NACADA, Conjestina was admitted into a treatment centre on the 13th of August for a 3 month programme. <br/><br/> She is receiving the best care but it is costly. We hope, along with support from various quarters, that we can resolve the issues that made her relapse in the past. It is so painful to see one of our Heroes go down yet we are in a position to help her out. This initiative is looking to helping Conjestina stand on her feet again once and for all; by supporting her through her rehab and post rehab care. Please help us bring our hero back.

KSH 420426 raised of KSH 500000


Baby Naomi Medical Support

5-Year-Old Baby Naomi Cry For Help to Raise Ksh 2.5 Million for Brain Cancer Treatment. She has been diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma on 14th January 2020 and the doctors recommended specialized treatment that can not be done locally but in India <br/><br/> Naomi has suffered alot recently since she's not able to walk properly and has also affected her speech.The mum ,Mary has called on good wishers to save the life of her child so that she can join the school like her friends. <br/><br/> "The current situation can't let her join school but if helped all will be well, my joy is to see her fight the disease and recover," she stated.

KSH 84707 raised of KSH 2500000


Ryan's Medical Fundraiser

Ryan Ochieng' was involved in a road accident in the year 2015 when he was only 3yrs old. He was hit by a police vehicle GK which left him paralyzed. He is now 8yrs and he has been living with the condition since then and has been in hospitals seeking medical attention and physiotherapy. <br/><br/> Ryan needs a spinal cord surgery in India to enable him walk again. Kes1.2 m for the treatment needs to be raised and another extra for the air tickets. Any help rendered for baby Ryan will be appreciated.

KSH 1500 raised of KSH 1200000


Baby Arianna Medical Fundraiser

"At only three months, Baby Arianna was diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis, A chronic disease that has since really affected our beautiful baby" THE MOM TOLD US. The cost of medication is up to Kes 5 Million to take her to India for an emergency Liver transplant. It is the families Humble appeal for well wishers to help raise the required amount to Save Arriannas life.

KSH 80210 raised of KSH 5000000


Maryline Mumbi Medical Fundraiser

Maryline Mumbi was Diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in a transformed phase and is in need of urgent Medical attention in India for a Stem Cell Transplant at a cost of Kes 6 Million. The parents, Aggrey & Mary are requesting for financial support to raise the above amount to enable Maryline get her medication.

KSH 2850 raised of KSH 6000000