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Sanitary towels for school girls

We are raising funds for purchase and supply of sanitary towels to girls living in informal settlements and correctional centres in Nairobi, Tharaka Nithi and Embu COunties, who depended on school supplies during the school calendar. With covid 19 leading to schools closure these girls have no access to the towels and its now a disaster.

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Men In Distress

Covid 19 has affected every one of us but there are those who have been hit worse than the others. The 1ast 3 months were easy since our income only allows us to save us much, we are now out of money and with families to feed, the last few weeks have been tough and we have witnessed families locked of their rental homes and now stuck. Men do not know how to express their pain but are suffering. We aim to raise 1200usd to 2000usd {120000,200000} to help 10 homesteads in distress start a vegetable distribution business for Nairobi residents this will enable this families generate a constant income to help them survive during this tough times. We therefore request for your generous contribution toward this journey.

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Beatrice Fullal Foundation Fundraiser

The children in Samburu, Isiolo and Marsabit counties struggle to have access to basic needs like education and health and with the current Covid 19 pandemic, the schools are currently undergoing a phasic re-opening and most of the children from the vulnerable homes in the northern of Kenya access most of the basic needs by virtue of them going to school. When schools closed most of the children were forced to go back into their villages which meant access to the basic needs were extremely limited due to the distances to accessing their villages. We have also seen a rise to early teen pregnancies as in certain communities in the north marry off their children because they cannot bear the burden of basic needs, a rise in early childhood marriages and a rise in gender-based violence that put the children at very high risk.  <br/><br/> We also saw the rise and adaptation of digital learning to ensure that children do not stop their various curriculums. This was positively embraced all over however children in these arid areas do not have internet or even electricity let alone the ability to afford laptops to perform the digital learning processes.  <br/><br/> With this need, we have currently completed the first phase of our flagship project that will saw us going physically to the villages and actively engage with the communities to formulate solutions that will be long lasting and strategically designed for their specific needs and their environments. We successfully distributed sanitary towels to 1,162 girls and distributed solar kits to 460 homes across the 3 counties of Isiolo, Samburu and Marsabit <br/><br/> My name is Ellein Nasieku, I was born and raised in a town in northern Kenya called Maralal in Samburu County. I was extremely fortunate to have gotten access to basic needs including education and health which helped me advance my education to campus level and further moving to Nairobi the capital of Kenya to pursue employment in the IT field. <br/><br/>  It has been a very longing need to go back to my community and use all my experience to help the very same community that nurtured me. With this passion and seeing first hand through my personal life and my family, the positive effects of education and access to basic needs; I decided that it is now time to go back to my community and give back my time, my resources and my vast IT experience to help advance the livelihoods of the children and vulnerable homes in my county.  Phase 2 will see us provide the below mentioned to these vulnerable homes with a target of 1000 homes. <br/><br/>  Solar kits <br/><br/> Menstrual kits <br/><br/> Mentorship sessions <br/><br/> The solar kits will have radios embedded on them that will help them access educational programmes currently being aired over local radio stations and this will enable the children to come up to speed with the lost education time.  <br/><br/> The menstrual kits will be distributed among the targeted homes with a goal of providing enough pads and underwear’s to last them at least a full year. We will also provide menstrual health and menstrual hygiene sessions to the girls.  The Mentorship sessions will be specifically targeted to encourage the children and the youth to take up different forms of alternative learning that is formulated for their specific villages to help them advance their livelihoods. The sessions will include education, farming, and health programs.  <br/><br/> I kindly request your support by donating to this goal. Your donation will go a long way in ensuring that we achieve the goals that we have set out to do.  <br/><br/> For more information, please reach Nasieku Ellein 0725822738

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Curvy To The Rescue

Curvy to the Rescue is a Fundraiser to help Teenage Mothers. With Schools re-opening, there was a rise in teenage mothers all over the country, It is for this reason that "Curvy to the Rescue was Born" Support teenage Mothers

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Adopt A School

Adopt a School is an Initiative by Max Protect and Tufund to Equip every School with Disinfecting materials and equipments to enable kids to stay in school free from Covid 19. For Every Kes 45,000 Donated we will donate a Fogging machine to a school. We target to reach over 30,000 School country wide.

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