About Tufund

Tufund is a crowdfunding platform that enables people to source funding for social causes, business causes, and many more. Crowdfunding is a new technique where individuals/companies raise money from people online for social enterprise, community projects, or charity by creating a campaign for specific causes. Tufund was inspired by young and ambitious entrepreneurs in Kenya with ideas and skills that are put together to foster economic and development growth. But many of these entrepreneurs fail to meet their dreams due to lack of support and empowerment. In addition to that, the ongoing global pandemic has ravaged approximately 61% of startups and SMEs with 70% of these start-ups having to terminate full-time employees contracts. Therefore, the Tufund platform seeks to empower entrepreneurs with great ideas to bring their dreams to life.

How it works

Crowdfunding done simple
Getting started on crowdfunding is very easy. Reach millions on the socials easily and maximize chances of getting more funding from your friends, family, and acquaintances with different networks. Talk to your donors via SMS, emails, Whats App, blogs, and all social media platforms through interactive updates with information showing the progress of your campaign. Here is a simple guide for a successful campaign

Step 1

Create your page by signing up with your basic information, a brief story on your fundraising supported with documents as well as the purpose for your fundraiser. In addition to that, set your target audience as well as the time-frame for your campaign. Showcase your causes with powerful designs and storytelling tools which include photos and videos to achieve a compelling fundraising page.

Step 2

Reaching many people to fundraise for you is key. We will create a campaign team that will help you import your contacts, customize message templates, and send them out to reach all your contacts and networks with all messages having a secure process of payment process through mobile or web.

Tufund has no maximum or minimum amount to raise. Once your fundraising campaign begins receiving online donations.

What does it cost me to use Tufund

Creating ad sharing a fundraiser campaign is free on all platforms, Tufund will help manage your campaign effectively to ensure you reach your fundraiser goals at 4.5% fee from each donation plus any other applicable service charge from third-party platforms like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. However, we give discounts to large campaigns made through Tufund.

How do i get my Money after the fundraiser

You can access your money real-time and the funds transferred to the provided bank or account details by the fundraiser. You can also process payouts in a scheduled manner which may be daily, weekly, or monthly. Please note that withdrawals do not affect your fundraising goals.